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"Learn the Secrets that Successful Business Owners Know that Help them Raise More Capital From Investors, Faster and With Greater Success!"

The typical VC fund gets 2,400 business plans a year, and fund-maybe-2 companies!!That's Less than 1/2 of 1%!!

If you are one of the other 99% of companies who are seeking investment capital, what can you do?

In this FREE Mentoring Session, you'll get Content Rich, Power-Packed Training where we'll take you "Under the Hood" and Expose the Secrets and Strategies to help you raise the investment capital your business needs, and will help you spend more time on the things you do best: making your products or services a success and accomplish your financial goals.

Entrepreneurs and executives who have followed the principals discussed in this audio course have been able to Systematically raise the investment capital from investors that enabled them to be Highly Successful and that Profoundly Impacted their professional and financial lives.

"As an entrepreneur who has raised investment capital for my own businesses--and that of clients--I've spent years learning the secrets and strategies shared within this program. This is not your typical marketing "fluff", it's packed full of content rich training that produces guaranteed results."

Edward A. Scofield
Corporate Attorney
and Entrepreneur

Are you looking for investment capital for your business? Considering pursuing VC or Angel Group funding? Have you given serious consideration to:
  • Why it's a myth that most companies are VC-funded, and how this is perpetuated?
  • The top 4 things VCs and Angels look for that most companies don't have?
  • What you "give up" in a VC or Angel financing deal?
  • The top 4 "alternative" ways successful businesses raise investment capital?
So let me ask you a key question. Do you know this information? Like really, truly know it cold?

If you're like a lot of CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs out there, there may be a certain gray mist of fuzziness around your view of the realities of finding investment capital.

So I've cooked up a quick little training series that will enable you to gain clarity on what you don't know about what it takes to raise investment capital.

In this audio mini course, you will discover:
  • Why every businessperson already has the skills required to raise investment capital from private investors,
  • How to turn your rolodex in to a virtual ATM by systematically searching for investors
  • Why an "extended" friends & family private placement is the fastest way to raise investment capital
  • How to raise investment capital while giving away less of your company and keeping more control
  • Why you will find new customers, vendors and unlimited business opportunities while looking for investors
  • Handling valuation and securities pricing issues
  • Common mistakes to avoid that can cost thousands to fix
  • Why finding a business partner is an easy investment strategy for most entrepreneurs and the top 6 reasons why other people want to partner with you
  • How to access the "hidden" lender marketplace
  • The big advantages public companies have when raising investment capital
  • How to "go public" without completing an underwritten IPO
  • How to raise investment capital fast with a focused strategy
and MUCH more...

Join me in a Rare and Golden Opportunity to See and Use Simple, Yet Hugely Successful Strategies That are Already Proven in the Trenches by securities industry professionals to Transform Your Businesses and Raise all the Investment Capital You Need to Achieve your Professional and Financial dreams.

Grab Your 6-Part Streaming Audio Mini Course to Learn the Secrets and Strategies the World's Most Successful Businesspeople Use to Raise Investment Capital - Absolutely 100% FREE!!!

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  • Target Investor Inventory TM
  • 3 Special Reports To Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

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